The Talking Cure: Episode 3 – Treatment pt. 1

Brian Allen and Andy Guss discuss cancer treatments.


  • What are the types of therapy?
    • chemo
    • radiation
    • surgery
    • combination or adjuvant therapy
  • What is a bone marrow transplant? (Episode 4 will cover my story.)
  • Chemo
    • Intravenous: Systemic (affects entire body)
    • Intramuscular: Localized (affects general area)
    • How is it administered?
    • What does it feel like?
    • What are the side effects? Why does this happen?
    • “Smart Drugs”
      • Attack cancer cells, not healthy cells
      • Fewer side effects
      • Requires genotyping (molecular fingerprinting)
      • Administered in pill form
    • What can be done to counter some of them? Drugs?
    • How long does it last?
    • How does it affect eating?
    • What is the short/long-time impact?

This is part 1 and will continue with other treatments on the next episode.



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