The Talking Cure: Episode 2 – Becoming The Patient

Brian Allen and Andy Guss continue the conversation.


  • What’s the transition from healthy to sick like?
  • Meds & Side Effects
    • Timeframe
    • Hair loss
    • Nausea
    • Sexual function and infertility
    • The real nasty shit
    • Emotional
  • Did you establish daily routines to manage the transition?
  • Learning to be patient
    • With your inability to function as you once did
      • Constrainments of side effects
    • With the people around you
      • Understanding their fear, confusion, and ignorance
  • Keeping it “normal” as best you can
    • Work
    • Social
    • Homelife
    • Alone Time
  • Rituals & Avoidance
    • Common routines before, during and after treatment
    • Keeping certain things pure (not tainted by the experience)
  • Coping 101
    • Positive Mental Attitude
    • Humor
    • Pain Management
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